Your Privacy, My Terms

I’m not sure if a blog this size is supposed to have a privacy policy and terms of use, but I’m going to include one anyway, just in case.

Your privacy is important to me. You can trust me that I’m not going to do anything intentionally with your information that is automatically shared with me once you visit my site. I won’t be pushing any ads at you. What is privately yours will remain private. If I do receive any of your information, I will not sell it to third parties or give anyone else access to your information. By way of information, I’m fairly certain that unless you make a comment on my site, stating your name and any other info about you, the only information I will receive about you is your IP address. And that’s likely where it’ll end. I likely won’t know your name, where your from, your gender, your race, your economic status, nothing.

Now just as your privacy is important to me, I hope that my terms of use of this website are important to you. I gladly welcome you to my site and encourage you to regularly read my blog, but I also request that if you engage with any of the work on this site, if you comment on things, etc., that you will be respectful. Please be courteous and respectful to not only me, but to the other readers and commentators of this blog. If there is anything I cannot tolerate, that is disrespect.

Thank you for your cooperation.





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