Where I’m From, Where I Am, and Where I’m Going

I was born and raised in Rhode Island. I’m not sure how many people you’ve met from that state, but now that you’ve met me through this blog, you can say: “I know a Rhode Islander!” So, what was growing up in the smallest state of the country like? Well, it had its perks and quirks. Sometimes it really felt like one giant small town. Often, it really seemed like everybody knew everybody. This, as you might imagine, was a positive thing and a negative thing. People really knew you, like really knew you. They knew your past and dark secrets; they knew your accomplishments and successes. There is no hiding when it comes to Rhode Island.

After graduating from high school, I decided I’d go to school on the other side of the country. I managed to get into a small California community college after living there on my own for a ¬†year prior. Two years in, and I was out and on to better things, AKA a university. I studied English at UCLA. Right after graduation I spent the summer hanging out in Durango, Durango, Mexico, where I taught English to a bunch of elementary kids.

And that brings me to this fall where I landed another teaching job, but this time English for English-speaking high schoolers in…Durango, CO, U.S.A.! Haha I don’t know what it is about places called Durango and me…

My future? We’ll see where my present takes me, but I hope to get back to the East Coast sooner than later and write for a fashion magazine based out of New York City. It might sound like a dream to big for a girl from a small state like Rhode Island. But I think I have what it takes to get there.

Int the meantime, I’ll make the best of Durango.

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