Teaching English is Awesome

As you know, I’ve started my new teaching job. In short, it’s awesome. I love my students, and they seem to like me too. It’s really important as a teacher to connect with your students, as it makes for a better learning environment. Right now, I’m having them create a project and present it to the class using English. The project requires that the students describe favorite items found in each of their homes. You may ask: why in the world am I having them do this? Well, it’s because I’m teaching them to use their creativity to take something that is boring and turn it into something interesting and exciting by using language.

I knew before I gave them this assignment that it was going to be difficult, but I wanted to assess their creativity levels. I wanted each of them to pick an item, tell me why it was important and inform me of its purpose. I had many students choose beds, couches or tables for their projects, but what I was really looking for was a student to go outside the box. I wanted to see an important piece of furniture that has changed the world.

As if in answer to my thoughts, little Charlie Conway, a new student from Minnesota, rose and presented his project on ___ . To be specific, the subject was ___ . He went into detail on the invention of the light bulb and how it has opened up millions of opportunities for people around the world. He explained that workers and businesses have been able to triple their productivity because of lights and lighting fixtures. In an interesting bit of connective tissue, he stated that his grandfather sells ___  reproductions showing cool pictures of his grandfather’s ___ . You can see one of them below!

Vintage Barnlights

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