Rustic Look For My Country Palace

After visiting Durango last summer and having my family come over to visit, I’ve decided to move out here permanently and have a house built. When I say “house,” I mean a country palace, built on a hilltop that overlooks all of Durango. The last time my family came to visit me, there wasn’t enough room for everybody to sleep comfortably. I felt terrible for some of my family who had to sleep on the floor or couch. This new house will have 11 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms so that each family member gets his or her own room. I have also invited them to come over to help me decorate my palace because their design sensibilities are far superior to mine.

I am striving to give my mansion an older rustic aesthetic that will really complement my neighborhood. I am going to Ikea later this week and I’m bringing everybody with me so we can pick out some appropriate furniture. I’m considering this particular ___  I found when shopping online as something that would look great in the dining room. ___  has always been a huge point of interest for me and since I finally have my dream home, I’m going to make it happen. I also like the look of retro furniture, as it tends to work well with the lights and would add another layer of warmth to the place.


Here is a photo of my front room. As you can see, the vintage lights are hanging from the ceiling as well as their sister lighting.

There is still a lot of work that has to be done because I definitely want to keep the theme consistent throughout the entire house. For the bedroom and the kitchen, I am going to also apply the rustic look to make visitors feel more welcome. Durango has really cold winters so I want to ensure that I am well-prepared before it arrives. Well, thank you guys for reading! I really appreciate it and I’m going to continue to keep you posted as to what’s going on with my house.


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