I’m All Settled in Durango

It’s now my second full week living here in Durango, and so far, so good! My extended family’s been really generous and welcoming! Even though there is a language barrier, we’re able to communicate well enough. I don’t speak much Spanish, but I’m able to understand it pretty well. My aunts and uncles don’t speak any English, but my cousins and other family members who are closer to my age do speak mostly fluent English, so they’ve been quite accommodating. My cousin Diana, who is attending medical school, is the one who’s been particularly helpful. She gave me a tour of the town, showing me where to do my shopping and laundry, and she even took the liberty of showing me a few bars! I know that the two of us are going to have a great time!

I’m so excited to start my new job next week. I’m set to teach English to 2nd and 3rd graders. The school has already given me my course materials, and I’m going to start going through the text book tonight. I need to have my entire 14-week curriculum ready by Monday, so I only have a few days to familiarize and get prepared! I’m a bit stressed out about the short timetable, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Anyway, besides getting settled and stressing out over my curriculum, I did find some time to enjoy my new apartment. It’s so adorably quaint. It’s nothing big or fancy, just a one-bedroom apartment in a complex that’s right across the street from a cathedral. I love listening to the bells ring every hour. They give the whole neighborhood a peaceful atmosphere. My bathroom is really cute, too. I found a few ___  fixtures in my old place’s basement and now my bathroom has an old-fashioned country looking ___ light that adds to the whole charm of this place.

barn light

I am so happy to be here! I’m going to post regularly because I want you all back home to share in my daily adventures. Until next time!

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