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What is this blog all about?¬†This blog is a little snapshot of my life. Basically, it’s a place for me to write down my musings about life. It’s a place for me to journal my experiences, for me to “talk-out” my thoughts. I’m planning on using it a space for me to present my design ideas for my new home and hopefully receive feedback from fellow bloggers and readers. This blog is basically going to be about anything I want it to be about.

Why did I choose the name Visions In the Paseo¬†for this blog? Paseo is a Spanish noun. It is a leisurely walk, usually taken in the evenings. I want my blog to reflect that idea. Often, when one is on a paseo, a walk like the one I’ve described, he or she spends quality time thinking about life. Usually these walks offer rejuvenation and refreshment, giving you a new way to look at something that might have been perplexing before. Such moments one might feel as if they’ve received a new vision of life so-to-speak.

For me, this blog is going to be like one of those refreshing walks, those paseos. I’ll walk through my experiences, thoughtfully, and hopefully through the process of writing down my stories and thoughts, I’ll be able to have new visions of life. I hope to see my life with newer and better eyes. Writing does that for me just like walking does.

And lastly, my last hope for this blog is that through the reading of my written posts, readers will also be taken on each of their own paseos, where they’re given new visions and outlooks on life to make their lives better. Hopefully this cyber place can be a place of relaxation and enlightenment.

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