I Met Someone

So…I met someone. It’s actually a funny story how we met. I went grocery shopping at a market near my new home for the ingredients to an elaborate meal I was planning on making for my house party. I love gourmet food, and one of my hobbies is cooking, and I also like antique lighting fixtures but anyways, so I was kind of going all out with this meal. I bought the most expensive cheeses I could find in this quaint market; delicious fresh salmon, shrimp, and crab; arugula salad with basil and almond slivers; top-shelf wine; quinoa and grapes for my quinoa grape specialty salad; and rich dark chocolate mousse.

While I was in the aisle where I was looking for the ingredients for the dark chocolate mousse, I noticed this guy standing not too far away from me looking at some of the other decadent desserts. I couldn’t make up mind about what I wanted for the mousse, so I was standing there for a pretty long time. Then I suddenly noticed him looking at me every so often. Once, out of the corner of my eye, I even saw him move his mouth as if he was about to say something, but then he stopped shortly. I picked out some pure cacao, and when I moved to place it in my basket, I accidentally dropped it.

This guy immediately was right by my side picking it up and handing it to me with the most gorgeously handsome smile I think I’ve ever seen. He was about 6’5” and had dark curly brown hair and emerald green eyes.

“What are you making with this?” he asked. I started walking down the aisle to move on with my shopping and I answered, “Oh, just some dark chocolate homemade mousse.”

“That sounds delicious.”

“Uh huh.” I muttered. He then kept the conversation going, but not in an awkward way, and followed me around the entire store until I was finished with my shopping.

To make a long story short, he asked me out at the checkout under that bright lights and I said yes!

Rustic Look For My Country Palace

After visiting Durango last summer and having my family come over to visit, I decided to move out there and have a house built. When I say house I mean a country palace that will be built on a hilltop that will overlook all of Durango. Last time when my family came to visit me their wasn’t enough room for everybody to sleep comfortably and I felt really bad for some of my family who had to sleep on the floor or couch. This house will have 11 bed and have 8 bathroom so each family member can get their own room. I am also having them come over to help me decorate my palace because they have much better taste than I have.

I am striving to make my mansion to have an older rustic look to it that will really compliment the area I live in. I am going to Ikea later this week and I”m bringing everybody with me so we can select some rustic style furniture. I really like this rustic light fixture I found when shopping online that would look great in the dining room. Rustic lighting has always been a huge selling point for me and since I finally have my dream home I am going to make it happen. I also like lots of retro looking furniture that would look awesome with the lights and would really sweeten the place up a bit.


Here is picture of my front room. As you can see, the vintage lights are hanging from the ceiling and also their sister lighting.

There is still a lot of work that has to be done and I definitely want to keep the same theme throughout the entire house. For the bedroom and the kitchen I am going to also imply the rustic look because I love the warmth it gives off, and here in Durango it’s going to be a really cold winter so I want to make sure I am on top of it. Well thank you guys for reading I really appreciate it and I am going to keep you posted on whats going on with my house.


Teaching English is Awesome

So, as you know I’m starting my new teaching  job and it has been awesome. I love my students and they seem to like me too. It’s really important as a teacher to connect with your students, it makes for a better learning environment. I’m having them create a project and present it to the class using english. The project entails that they must describe they’re favorite item that you can find in the house. You may ask why in the world am I having them do that? Well, its because I’m teaching them to use their creativity to take something that is boring and flip it around to make it interesting and exciting.

I knew before I gave them this assignment that it was going to be difficult but I wanted to see what they’re creativity level was. I wanted them to pick an item and tell me why it is important and what the purpose was for that item is. I had many students get up and present they’re project on beds, couches, or tables.  But what I was  really looking for was a student to go outside the box and really present an important piece of furniture that has changed the world.

Finally out of the blue comes little Charlie Conway who is a new to the school from Minnesota. He gets up and presents his project on barn light fixtures, and not just any kind of lights, vintage barnlights. He gets in to detail on how the light was invented and how its opened up millions of opportunities for people all around the world. He explains that jobs and businesses have been able to triple they’re productivity because of lights and lighting fixtures. He explained that his grandfather sells vintage barn lighting reproductions and even brought in cool pictures of his grandfathers vintage barnlights. Here one is below!

Vintage Barnlights

I’m All Settled in Durango

It’s my second week here in Durango, and so far so good! My extended family’s been really great! Even though there is a language barrier, we’re able to communicate well enough. I don’t speak much Spanish, but I’m able to understand it pretty well–or at least I think! My aunts and uncles don’t speak any English, but my cousins and those who are closer to my age do speak pretty good English, so they’ve been super helpful. My cousin Diana who’s in medical school, is the one whose been extremely helpful. She showed me around town. She showed me where to do my shopping, laundry, and heck–she even took the liberty of showing me a few bars! We’re gonna have a great time! I know it!

I’m so excited about starting my new job next week. I’m set to teach 2nd and 3rd graders learn English. The school has already given me my course materials. And I’m going to start going through the text book tonight. I have to have my entire 14-week curriculum ready by Monday, so I only have a few days to prepare it! I’m kinda stressed out about that, but I’m sure I’ll be fine…

Anyway, besides getting settled and stressing out over my curriculum, I did find time to enjoy my new apartment. It’s so adorable and quaint. I’d hug it if I could! It’s nothing big or anything fancy. It’s a one-bedroom apartment that’s right in front of a cathedral. I love listening to the bells ring every hour, they’re just so peaceful. My bathroom is really cute too. I found a  few barn light fixtures in my basement and now my bathroom has an old country looking barn light that adds to the whole charm of this place.

barn light

I am so happy to be here! I’m going to post regularly because I want you all back home to share in my daily adventures :) Til next time!

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